Advertise your business to 6000 homes

in Thorpe St Andrew, Thorpe End and Dussindale, Norwich.

Reach 6000 homes!

Whatever your budget, the THORPE DIRECTORY has something to match your need for affordable, cost effective advertising.

6 issues every year

delivered every 2 months

Professionally produced

glossy A5 colour format

Wide range of advertising

opportunities from only £35

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The cost effective way to advertise your business

Since April 2005 we've been publishing our Directory for Thorpe St Andrew and Dussindale, and in 2009 expanded the magazine even further to cover Thorpe End too.

Every two months we deliver 6000 copies of our handy local magazine and business guide completely free. We hand deliver every single copy of the Thorpe Directory ourselves, directly through the letterboxes of your potential customers!

You will find our prices affordable and our directories are area targeted so you are not advertising to the whole of East Anglia and can work locally, saving your business both time and money.

Thank you!

"Thank you for giving us first refusal of this space, we do always really enjoy being able to promote our events on the Front Cover and it always seems to reward us with good coverage and sales. So the answer is yes please!"

Phillipa Levy,

Special Events Coordinator,

Delia's Canary Catering

Delivery Area

Targeted local advertising

Everyone is local in The Thorpe Directory! Why waste money on expensive broadcast adverts when you can target your local customers in Thorpe, Thorpe End and Dussindale with us?

Hand delivered by us directly through

your customers' letterboxes

Established in 2005 - a familiar

and friendly publication

Supply your own advert

or let us design one for you

We also offer leaflet distribution - only £40 + VAT per 1000 leaflets

Publication months and booking deadlines

We are currently working on our November edition.

The booking deadline is Friday 22nd October 2021.


Booking deadline

early December


Booking deadline

mid February


Booking deadline

mid April


Booking deadline

mid June


Booking deadline

mid August


Booking deadline

mid October